Roof Maintenance

What is roof maintenance and what difference does it make to a company?

The difference is a 10 year roof lasting 12 years or 7 years!

Would you buy a $ 20,000.00 car and never have it serviced? Would you lay in the sun and never put on sunscreen? NO.

What will happen is your skin would dry out and crack.. Roofs are no different, they require maintenance. Every roof requires attention and each roof requires a different type of maintenance .

Multi ply built up roofs are different than granular surfaced and smooth surface modified bitumen roofs, and EPDM ( rubber roofs) are different than TPO and PVC. Knowing the history and characteristics of each roof assembly is important in establishing a pro-active maintenance plan.

Most roof failures are caused by lack of maintenance and owners reacting instead of being pro-active. A roof maintenance plan generally consists of roof cleaning, checking all the roof accessories, base flashings and the general condition of the roof surfacing. We also recommend semi- annual inspections, one in March or April as we come out of the winter and one in October after the summer rain and heat.

We at the Fackler Commercial Roofing Company LLC are committed to helping our customers achieve long lasting roofs. Let your roof problems become ours and the FCR company be the solution to your roofing needs.

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